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CP Finance dashboard, offering real-time loan and settlement insights, detailed loan information, comprehensive reports, and geographical mapping. Streamline your operations, make informed decisions, and optimize your financial performance with ease.

(Main pages: Dashboard, Loan Details, Reports, Map)

About the pages:

1.Dashboard: “Today Loan Summary” and “Today Settlement Summary”This page provides a real-time snapshot of your loan activities and settlements.Gain a quick overview of the day’s performance with essential information such as new pawn loans, re-pawned items, and the total loan amount. Additionally, track vital settlement metrics including the total fee collected, the amount settled, andthe total collected funds.

2.Loan Details: Easily access detailed loan information with this intuitive page. Here, you can view crucial data such as customer names, item weights, quantities, service fees, and loan amounts. Empower your team to make informed decisions by having all relevant loan details at their fingertips.

3.Reports: With the reports page, you can analyze and generate comprehensive insights into your business transactions. Gain visibility into specific information like BuyID, transaction types, dates, service fees, and loan details. Efficiently monitor trends, identify patterns, and optimize your operations for improved efficiency.

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